Sunday, June 27, 2010

MMA Scavenger hunt

A previous post I mentioned I was branching out to try new things. What I did today, I was very nervous about doing. The Meet Market Adventures website is a site for single people to do things in a group. They have a pretty large array of activities that vary from after work socials to bungee jumping to trips. I've been a member of the site for a while but was too nervous to actually sign up.

Why? Well, what kind of wacky people in NYC would also go? I am mostly sane, but there are a lot of weirdos out there. Or would the activity bring in people that were way older than me? It is not a dating site, but you hope to meet people you can get along with, maybe make new friends, that type of thing.

So I signed up for a scavenger hunt on the Lower East Side. Arrival time was 12:45pm and we were to begin at 1 sharp. At 1, there were only two of us plus the host. The guy that showed up was beginning to drive me mad, he was overly cocky/funny. We decided to wait longer...two other guys showed up, at 1:30 one more lady showed up. OK, so out of the 15 people registered, 5 showed up....does this say something about the type of people/group? I don't know. We we split into two teams, my team had the cocky/funny guy on there but he decided to leave as soon as we left, thinking it was too hard and he had no idea what a scavenger hunt was. I was happy about this. So it was just me & this kid Eddy.
Now, we met at a bar on 27th but the hunt was mostly on 10th & ave 2 - C. Not many the walk alone to get to where we wanted to go was far...especially in the hot humid weather. There were 26 questions. Score would be calculated by the right answer AND having a picture of the answer with the group in it. I think we answered about 10 in the 2 1/2 hours. AND some of the answers that were correct was not what the right answers were...thank goodness we had to take pictures of the answer so we can get that kind of credit.

I like to win. I like competition. But I was going through this, and was OK with being second...even if it was the loosing team. After a while we were loosing momentum because of the heat, and because we would disagree with some answers. At one point we were so hot, we stopped for a yogurt, and Eddy bought one for me, nice. I later purchased our illegal taxi ride back to the bar (because it was so hot & we were a little late).

My partner, Eddy was a nice kid. Glad he ended up being my partner as he seemed the most sane & fun. He was outgoing and we talked the whole time, which is really hard for me. He asked me a lot of questions that I had a hard time answering, and I realized (because he brought it up) that L was right about my half smile/smirk, I must do that a lot when I am uncomfortable or do not know how to respond to people. Oh well. Eddy, after only 90 minutes pegged me pretty good, aside from the 'girly girl' part. HAHA, right, me a girly girl? Anyway, I was shocked that I was so readable. I guess it happens.

Now it is time to head back. Our scores are being tallied up, and we end up winning because the other team only took a few pictures of themselves with the clues, even though they had ONE more right answer than us. YEAH, we won! So, what was our prize? I came back with a $25 gift certificate off of one of the next activities I sign up for AND she also gave us a freebe to a specific activity. I wasn't thrilled with the freebe ones, and the trivia night was gotten quickly by someone else, so it was either bar crawl or date smarter seminar. I went with the seminar, since I probably need that. :)

It was a fun day, a hot day. It was nice having a small group, but a few more people would have been nice. My biggest complaint is just that the hunt was far from the meeting point AND the directions indicated to have an unlimited subway pass...which I purchased for $8.25 (the price drastically increased from a few years ago at $4) and only used it twice, not getting my $$ worth. I like the concept of this, and maybe next time, I won't be so nervous about doing something where I don't know anyone, since everyone that showed up was in fact there alone.


  1. I'm SO GLAD you had fun! See? Its not always scary! I hope you'll sign up for a few more things!!! Courage my friend!! :)

  2. wow. i am so proud of you! I wish i could do the same. SO glad that you had fun and at least got over that first time kinda thing.. i also hope you sign up for more things :) congrats!