Monday, June 7, 2010

A less than ordinary day

It is Monday today; I wasn't prepared again this week. After my plans were cancelled Saturday night with BankBoy since I was in a bad mood from loosing my phone & I seriously can't handle his needy-ness and constant "why are you ignoring me" texts, I decided to go grocery shopping for the first time since my return from Mexico. Don't even ask how creative I have had to been with my food over the last 3 weeks...and yes, I did buy milk & eggs since then. The food selection at 9:30PM on a Saturday is horrible. There was one thing left of lettuce, mostly squishy peaches, no onions. Of course the fish department was closed. I decided on making a beef stir-fry and homemade calzone this week. I picked up some PB&J too - although I forgot some sort of bread.

Yesterday was so hot again...and it rained for all of THREE minutes. No hail. No tornado. No thunderstorm. No downpour. Just three minutes of heavy rain. My day ended when I got back home at 3:30 from a streetfair that I took 2 of my nieces/nephews to. Oh what to do with that time? I was super lazy. And I kept thinking -- I am never going to meet my future husband when I stay inside at 3:30 on a Sunday. Anyway. I made some pasta with chicken, broccoli and Parmesan cheese. I ate that at 3:30. I had some left over...but instead of saving it, I ate more of it at 5:30. There went my lunch. I won't even tell you the ridiculous hour I went to sleep last night...but I am pretty sure you'd either be really jealous or fall over laughing so hard.

So this morning I was not prepared for work. No lunch. Not sure what to wear. No book (the library is no closed on Sundays for the summer). I was on the train staring out the window doing NOTHING for an hour this morning. My commute home will be the same...but at least I can stop and pick up the three books on hold so tomorrow will hopefully go better. I just need to muster up the energy to make that stir-fry tonight.

When did I just give up on grocery shopping, cooking & caring in general about work? Why can't there be new shows on TV for the summer? I think, it might just be time to start looking for a new job. Maybe I'd have more motivation.

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