Sunday, June 13, 2010

A movie week

Last week was hard, with nothing on TV. The only new shows I am currently watching is the Bachlorette (against my better judgement) and Hell's Kitchen. I was so bored and too hot to do anything, so while I stopped at the library to pick up some books, I decided to pick up some movies.

First I watched a movie I had, but haven't seen since maybe it first came out - not even sure why I own it. "Bridgette Jone's Diary". It was entertaining enough.

Day 2 I watched "Henry Poole is Here". I had zero desire to watch that when I saw the previews when it first came out, but the selection at the library isn't the best. I believe the movie was about 1 1/2 hours. It was a long 90 minutes. The story was simple. The acting nothing special. Not a movie I would recommend to others.

Day 3 I popped in "Gone Baby Gone". I have an issue with Ben & Casey Affleck's Boston accent. I also have issues with such vulgar language (but it seems to have mostly been in the first part of the movie). The story for this was much better. I enjoy drama/suspicious movies - however I found this one to be a little slow moving. It was almost 2 hours - and was a tad too long because I was getting antsy and daydreaming about going to bed instead of finishing the movie. The back of the box tells you there are twists and turns...but since i knew that in advance, I thought it was a bit predictable. I gave movie to my parents to watch and said "good story but slow".

Day 4 - My sisters and I decided to rent the first "Sex and the City" movie before we go to see the second one (I think this weekend). I saw this movie twice in the theater actually. Both times with friends, the second time - I didn't have the heart to tell the girl I'd already seen it. I liked the HBO series, but after a few years I got rid of HBO to save money so I missed the last season or episodes. Anyway, I was actually surprised that I enjoyed the movie as much as I did. It was a long movie but it really caught you up on the girl's lives. I can relate so much to the heartache Carrie faced & the troubles Miranda went through. I thought it was funny that my sister said I remind her most of Samantha. I guess it has to do with me being the only single one & the most amount of partners (which is still really low, I might add) out of the four of us. It was a fun sister night, and we plan on seeing the second one on Tuesday.

Day 5 - I had dinner with a few girl friends, so I had to take a night off from the movies. This might have been a blessing in disguise.

Day 6 - OK, even though it is a Friday and I am single, I was so worn out from my Wednesday & Thursday nights that I was tired and a little cranky. So I watched another movie. The movie was a French movie called "L'enfant". I don't mind subtitled movies and have seen some really good ones. This movie started off slow. I was actually bored with it in the first 16 minutes that I took it out on Day 1 and watched something else. But I figured I'd give it a shot again. A depressing story of being broke, in a relationship and attempt at redemption.

Day 7 - Saturday, very last minute my sister invited me over to watch a movie. It was pouring so I said sure. Couples Retreat, oh my, that made laugh a lot. The very recognizable cast goes on a 'vacation' which turns out to be a program for couples. The beautiful resort was filmed in Bora Bora...which is now on my 'must eventually see list'.

Day 8 - I was so excited, a break from movie watching...or so I thought. I went to BJs Wholesale Club with my sister bright & early this morning and she was telling me she watched Dreamgirls and loved it. After we got back from shopping, she let me borrow the movie, which was due at the library the next day, which meant I had to watch it that tonight. I am still in the midst of watching the movie, but so far the music is catchy and it seems like a very happy movie.

Oh, I almost forgot, before this started, I also went to the movies with 2 sisters and three kids to see Shrek Forever After in 3D. I enjoyed this one too, I thought it had a good moral and there were enough adult parts to make it funny where I actually laughed out loud. And, since it is a rainy weekend, I picked up Planet Earth (which I can watch when I am cooking or cleaning) and Tristan & Isolde.


  1. Funny fact: My cousin's name is Bridget Jones ;)

    I'm not a big Sex in the City fan. The movie was OK, the series made me laugh, but I was never obsessed. Let me know how the second movie is... I've heard lots of differing opinions!

    Sounds like a fun marathon of movies week!!!

  2. I just watched Bollywood Hero... SO FUNNY! I absolutely loved it! I think you would too :)