Wednesday, July 2, 2014

take it or leave it

Moving states away can be expensive.  Not knowing what my living situation will be, I have been deciding what to move and what not to.  My goal will be to rent someplace first until I get a good idea about the location, I don't want to rush into anything just for the sake of having a place to live.  So the first few months I'll be living quite minimally.

I have quite a bit of things, some boxes of which I haven't opened in 8-10 years.  Do I really 'need' that stuff?  Other items I spent a lot of time selecting and they are practical or homey, do I want to sell it for cheap or bring it along?

First I tackled selling some of my hobby supplies, and made $700 on ebay in a week (minus ~10% fees).  Then I sold my couch to the buyer and joined a Facebook tag sale group where I hope to sell some items that I'd rather part with.  My almost new living room furniture will be given to my sister and that leaves me with a few big items like my bed, and elliptical machine and kayaks.  My bed was very expensive and I can't justify selling it for almost nothing.  If I can't take it, I will encourage my parents to make a guest room.  TV will go to my grandmother. The kayaks I can probably sell on Craigslist.  And the list goes on and on and on.

Deciding what to do with all this stuff is time consuming.  Even the 'everyday' items add up fast with how much space they take up (clothes, bathroom essentials, kitchen items).  Then there is the opening of boxes you haven't seen in years and spending time sorting through, it is almost like Christmas morning when you get so excited that you forgot you had these things.

Trying to estimate how much I will end up moving rolls into the how to get there dilemma...just a car, car with a trailer, uhaul?  All those choices then effect how long I can be on the road for the long journey...and I wanted to take it slow and experience areas I have not yet seen.

I have a eleven weeks to go...we'll see how successful I am at selling items and convincing other people to take stuff.

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