Sunday, July 13, 2014

sitting among chaos

Today (May 17) was moving day.  Well, not THE moving day...but moving out of my apartment and into my temporary accommodations.  A month ago, I started to bring things over little by little.  But the problem with having half my stuff at the apartment and the other half (or really 3/4) in my parents basement, made this move more confusing. I didn't really pack too much, but brought a lot over in bags.  The next month I am going to have to really take inventory of what I have, what I will use, what I won't use and re-pack most of the stuff because I can't take it all with me....or I can, but do I really want to?  It is a little overwhelming.  Not the move - no, I've moved about 9 times in 13 years (yikes), but rather the decluttering.

So now I am sitting among chaos. I am normally a fairly neat person, but I fear for the next few weeks, I am going to live with things all over the place.

I am glad that it worked out that I have about 6-7 weeks, it gives me time to go through things kind of slowly, make piles, repack, try to sell items, perhaps hold a moving sale, figure out how many boxes/bins I will need to move, and what I'll give away to family and friends.

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