Tuesday, July 29, 2014

yard sale

Since I moved into my temporary housing, I've spent my evenings and weekends sorting through my stuff trying to decide what to keep, what to sell, and what to throw away.  I have quite a bit of stuff, way too many clothes and shoes and just random things.  When it is all in an apartment or in storage, it doesn't look like a lot, but when it is just sitting around...it is overwhelming.

Since I can't take a lot with me, since when I first get to where ever I am going will be temporary, I am not bringing a lot of items.  Once I settle into a place, then I will have my items shipped or I'll come back for them.

So to lessen the need to move things that will eventually sit in boxes in the new place, I needed to have a garage sale.  9 AM - 4 PM on a Saturday.  Even with getting up at 5:30 AM, it was a struggle to get everything done.  Had to get everything outside, had to finish pricing, had to put signs up locally, responding to a few inquires via forums...it reminded me of the last time I did a garage sale and said I probably would never do it again.

My sister surprised me and came over at 7:30 AM to help get ready, and it was a huge help to get it all out because I had quite a bit of early birds stop by.  The morning was very busy.  Next thing I knew my mother said that my other sister was on her way over.  She is in the process of moving, so she brought a car load of stuff to sell (but by the time she got here, it was about 1 PM).  In the mean time my other sister's family came to help/hang out.  I was shocked by how many family members came to help on such a beautiful Saturday.  

The sale was worth it.  Some items I was shocked sold and others I thought would sell didn't.  All together I sold about $650.  I have at least two more big items to sell- a desk for $325 and an elliptical for $240, maybe a fireplace for $400.  Combine that with the scrapbook stuff I sold on eBay last month, that is about $2100+ that I will be able to put towards new furnishings after I move.  Still no where near enough...but at least it will help!

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