Monday, July 28, 2014

tea leaf reading: take four

Tonight (May 29th) my mother surprised me by making an appointment at Katie's cottage for a tea leaf reading, she knew I wanted to get a reading before I left.

When I sat down, I told her my name and where I was living.  After that she asked me who I was living with that is sick. I told her I am not living with anyone that is sick, but she is probably seeing ManFriend who lived in my apartment.  She told me that the cancer was in a different place the second time, which is why they couldn't treat it, it moved so fast, she said it looked like pancreatic or colon cancer.  She said he went peacefully, that he was ready to go and that he was with a younger person up in heaven and is very much at peace.  She asked about my relationship with his family, which aside from talking to his mother and sending a card is non-existent.  She did reassure me that he loved me very much and he wanted to avoid how hurt and sad I would be with his illness.  He wanted me to remember him how he was (which I do understand).  She asked other questions like what his profession was, where he moved in NJ...but I am not sure what she was trying to figure out because she didn't further those thoughts out loud.

She moved on to where I lived and with whom lived.  I told her I was living with my parents temporarily. She asked if I had a seller for the apartment, which she knew I owned, and I said yes, that we hope to close very soon. She said my living with my parents is temporary and by the end of the summer I will have moved, which is precisely the current plan.  She asked where I was moving and why I selected it.  My responses were not too helpful....where am I going??  I told her to the Rocky Mountain region, location still to be decided.  She asked if it was temporary or permanent, and I responded I'd like it to be permanent, but if I don't like it, I'll go somewhere else or move back.  She told me the move is the best thing for me. That I will love it and my future that I've been waiting for will happen.  She said not to bring all my stuff when I leave the first time (something I've been thinking about for weeks).

She asked me about my current job and what I do, then asked what I planned to do after I move.  Again, I don't really have an answer.  I told her I can stay in my field, maybe go more into event management, or really, whatever will pay the bills and afford me the lifestyle I am looking for.  She asked about sending resumes to headhunters, and I said I did one, but I don't think they really take me seriously until I am out there, and she more or less agreed.  At the end of the reading, she said something good will happen after the second interview I go on.

Elaborating on why the move will be so great, she said I will meet a wonderful man and we'll have a whirlwind romance (and you all know how much I've wanted a whirlwind romance!).  Things will happen quickly and I'll have a small wedding...followed very soon by a baby.  She said the love will last (ie, no divorce).

We also talked about money.  She said I need to be really good and not use any of the money from the sale of the apartment on little things, to forget about it and keep it safe, I'll need it for a down payment on a house with my future husband.  She kept stressing over and over again not to spend it...I know I have a bit of a shopping problem, but in the last few months, knowing I am moving, I've been trying to be really really good about not spending money, to save it because I need a car, money for the move, and to live for a bit if it takes a while to get a job plus pay all the regular monthly bills.

Finally she said in closing that for someone who has been through so much emotionally, the pain, heartache, loss, devastation, that while I may have struggled to handle it at the time, that I came through OK, have a good head. I understand what has happened all around and accept it.  That it made me stronger and smarter.  I know she wasn't just talking about ManFriend...but all the experiences over the last 10-15 years.

Wrapping up she said she was proud of me and the decisions I've made to get where I am now, that great things are coming my way and she wished me all the best and hopes I stop in again when I am visiting family.

The caffeine was something I am not used to, so it took a long time for me to fall asleep, I was still tossing and turning until at least 1:30 am. As I was laying in bed, facing one wall, my room lit up with a glow.  My phone was glowing, it looked like what my phone should look like if I upgraded the operating system...the last time my room lit up was a few days after I found out about ManFriend and I took this as ManFriend reassuring me that everything the lady said was right, so we chatted a few minutes and then by 2:00 I was sleeping.

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