Monday, July 21, 2014

perhaps what I'll miss the most

It is nights like tonight's (May 25th) that I will miss the most after I move.  I went to dinner at my sister's house and then the kids and I hung out/played.  We played What Time is it Mr. Fox, Red Light Green Light 123, Kickball, Simon Says, Duck Duck Goose and then to finish the night we played Go to the Head of the Class. Since I have no children, my nieces and nephews mean so much to me.  I have tried to be involved in their lives by going to games, school shows, help with homework/projects, sleepovers, baking, crafts, answering questions, etc.  I hope they remember that I was a fun aunt at times.  I am going to miss stopping over for an impromptu meal or game and just hanging out with them.  They are a great bunch of kids.

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