Saturday, July 26, 2014

the walkthrough

The apartment has been stressing me out.  I've been out of it for about 3 weeks, waiting for a closing.  But I can't let delays get to me, that is all out of my control and even though I have a work trip coming up...I know everything will work out.  So I need to be better about not getting boggled down with it.

With a closing date/time not set, we had the walk-through.  It was just me, the buyer and his real estate agent.  I arrived at the apartment, and as soon as I opened the door, I remembered back to the first time I saw the place.  The apartment was empty (well, mostly) and the light coming through the is a cute little place.  The buyer arrived a few minutes later, so I walked him through so he knew I fixed the holes in the wall, that the fridge worked and how to use the ice maker.  We turned on the stove and microwave, I showed him how to change the thermostat and the drawer full of all the papers from the manuals, remote controls and other things that belong with the apartment.  I was selling him my couch so he checked it out gave me a check.

Everything went smoothly and in 10-15 minutes we were all done.  We walked out together, so I didn't really have last thoughts upon exiting...but I was the furthest thing from sad or emotional.

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