Wednesday, February 27, 2013

signs I am gaining weight

Signs I am gaining weight

  • my butt cheek isn't all covered in my panties
  • my butt doesn't fit as it did on the toilet seat
  • my back and belly are itchy from the stretching of my skin
  • my heart hurts
  • not only are my pants are tight, but I have over the popping over the pant 
  • I think my feet are swollen
  • is that multiple chins?
  • I've bitten down on my cheeks - because they are fat
  • my body feels sore
  • I can still see my toes in the shower...but not as much of them
  • my boobs are popping out of my bra
  • when I lean up against ManFriend for kisses, our bellies touch and it isn't as comfortable - and I lose the moment of kissing and just keep thinking that our bellies shouldn't be touching
  • when I lay on the couch with ManFriend to make out, it is uncomfortable on my chest
  • when I cross my arms, they have a resting spot on my belly
  • I have to use a little more foundation to cover my face
  • the space between my thighs are practically touching
  • my belly button is a little deeper
  • did I start shrinking my clothes in the dryer?
  • I hate the way I look in recent pictures 
  • I've always had indents on my shoulders and a dark line under my bra - but it is worse now
  • On the train, if I am sitting next to a man - our legs/hips touch since we fill each of our seats

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