Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar evaluation

It seems apropos to talk about the Oscars.  I had zero desire to watch this event, but I went to ManFriend's place for an hour...and we had it on - for background more than anything, but me wondering if we had the same thoughts about these men & women.

I don't understand the concept of having an award ceremony that features a very high proportion of the same movies/actors for so many categories.  I get some movies are phenomenal ..but wouldn't it be better to spread the joy to more?  Why can't they just win ONE award each; than I would watch.

Photo taken from USWeekly website
Let's talk about the ladies first. It is always so nice to look at them and judge them.  Are they really that pretty? Or is it all the makeup, fancy hair, fancy dresses and accessories.  I can look that amazing if someone helped me out.  Sure, most of them are wearing beautiful gowns and jewelry ..are the dresses rentals too or do they get to keep them?

Anyway, I am getting off topic. Let's take a closer look at Anne Hathaway. I think she is pretty, and she had a lovely powder pink gown on...but was it just me, or did everyone else also notice that she wasn't doing anything about those small boobs under her dress.  I don't care if you are a size need something under a dress like that.  I get you can't wear a normal bra, but you are rich....couldn't you have lined the dress or taped your breasts so they didn't jingle and flap?

I know I have a problem wearing these dresses with slim or no straps or no, I don't wear one wants to see a DDD without a bra in...well, anything.

Adele...I don't think I need to state the obvious, but holy cow that was an amazing performance.  She sounded fantastic and yet it looked like she was barely putting in any do that is an amazing quality.

Let's get to the men now.  Seth McFarland I thought was a decent host, he had a few things that made me chuckle.  But did you see that super thick brown hair he had?  Wow, so full and thick.  It was hard to look at anything else.  I wasn't a big fan of John Travolta's all black - suit, shirt, tie.  Way too dark.  Oh, and I don't like Ben Afflick's full beard/mustache - which I guess you'll ask about George Clooney's  OK so he too has a full beard/mustache, but his is more white so I can tolerate it more...and wow, he looked more grey than last time. I love grey/mature looking, but it is sad that he is getting up there, I think his hotness level just peaked for me.

I saw the Chicago number...I love Chicago, I saw the movie, haven't yet seen the Broadway play - but the music is addicting. I am not entirely sure why this song was performed since, well, it isn't from this year.  Catherine Zeta Jones's dress for that song was a bit - distracting.  Hmm, I am sensing I notice breasts more than I think I should for a woman.

I shouldn't be posting this far after...because I am forgetting all those comments I had.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Apparently, Anne Hathaway's bust darts where intentional. Very distracting and took away from the dress in my opinion. I liked Seth McFarlene too, but as you said his hair looked like a coif. It was borderline Ken doll like. Good looking man though none of the less. I actually liked Ben's scruff. He looked quite manly, rugged. I was thinking this the best he has looked. Maybe it took away from his chicklet teeth, I don't know.