Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A husband in DC

I took an very last minute trip to DC last week. I started to wonder...maybe I'll meet my fh there.  Maybe the psychic got it a little wrong.  Maybe, just maybe, I wasn't WITH a D when I met fh, but I was AT a place that started with D.  How perfect would that have been?  ManFriend couldn't meet me down there and so I knew I'd be alone, a perfect opportunity to meet fh if I left the hotel room. I started to get very excited - what a great story.

But going out seems to be my problem. I am not going to go to a bar alone, give out vibes to the men that I want to get laid. I am not looking for sex; I am looking for love.  Meeting a guy over a few drinks isn't quite ideal for me, even as much as I enjoy alcohol.  I'd rather meet my fh doing something - on the tour of the Capital, at a play, eating dinner, walking to conference, waiting to cross the street, at one of the Smithsonian museums  or in the elevator.  I was out and about enough where I could have met someone...but I didn't.

I think I am getting closer.  ManFriend is the same - knowing there is no long term future, but still around.  That pre-date guy met the category the psychic said would happen before I met the fh.  Sure, I view the psychic as more of a fun thing than anything...but I am hopeful.  Why wouldn't I want to latch on to something that would make me very happy?  It is coming with or without the psychic knowledge...it has to because I am ready.  I am beyond my misery from SI, I am at a standstill from ManFriend, but I know I am now capable of love - and that is what I needed to prepare for fh, otherwise it wouldn't have worked out.

So the trip to DC didn't result in a relationship, but I did some 'new' things that I will share later this week or next.

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