Friday, February 22, 2013

clank clank clank

I was sitting in my area at work and I think, wow, someone walks around a lot...we have nice carpeted areas by our desks, but the hallway is title.  But I realized, most of the woman next to me (and there are quite a bit in our small area) wear flats, sneaker-like shoes, or heels that don't clank.  So who was this person making such a ruckus?

It was that 'new' guy from work, K.  Whatever fancy schmansy shoe he wears (and I am guessing they are fancy since he seems very metro-sexual), must have wood or metal or something in it. It sounds like a woman in heels.

I realized there is another type of guy I can't who wears shoes that clank on a hard floor. Too high maintenance for me, if my other makes more clanking noise than me when I wear my heels!

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