Sunday, February 17, 2013

a date to nowhere

My 'date' on Saturday evening was surprisingly nice.  Unfortunately this guy is a few years older than ManFriend...and I think ManFriend is at the top of my age range.  He wasn't entirely sure how old I was either...and guessed about 6 years older than I am.  So, while we had a nice evening, I think we both left there knowing it probably won't be going anywhere.

On a side note, during the date, we started to open up a little more...talked about our baggage.  It is hard for me to sit still and not say anything when the topic of infidelity comes up...and when I am talked to like I wouldn't have a clue what it feels like since I am single.  (just because I wasn't married doesn't mean what I experienced was nothing - or that I don't understand).  So of course I spoke up and very briefly told my date that I am very familiar with the feelings left behind from cheating, and next thing I knew my eyes glassed over.  That hasn't happened to me in a long time - but there was something about telling someone new about some of the pain I went through that made me realize that it doesn't matter that it was 5 years ago - that pain apparently is still there and will always be in the back on my mind.  Hopefully, of course I won't have to talk about it much going forward...after I meet my fh and we discuss these things, it will be over with, never to be brought up again.

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