Sunday, February 17, 2013

BankBoy is still wishful

Every few seasons, I'll watch the Bachelor. I have a few issues with the show - how all these people live in the same house and date the same about confusing.  But doesn't part of everyone wish they were the Bachelor/ette?  I wouldn't want to compete against the 24 other people, but I'd like my selection of those 25.  How lucky.

After my date on Saturday I go on the computer, write a blog, and check facebook.  BankBoy messages me right away and asks if I am still involved with ManFriend.  Then he started up again...if ManFriend isn't my husband, why can't he date me?  It is tiring...but finally, I wrote him this:

you are such a nice guy. I have no doubts that you would make a great boyfriend...but it just isnt want i am looking for. What we did was fun, when it happened a few years ago..but it isnt a long term thing, i am sorry.

I felt like the Bachelorette - having to tell someone they are wonderful but they aren't for me.  Very one sided.  It doesn't matter what he wants, since the connection needs to be felt by two people and I don't feel it - and unlike the show, I never pretended to have such feelings for him, I never told him that I had feelings, and I never led him on.

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