Friday, February 15, 2013


I can't even remember the last time I had an orgasm by ManFriend.  It took me a while initially in our 'relationship' to even have one, but I was finally able to have a small one when I was on top of him - and if I was lucky maybe a small second one.

But when was the last time that happened?  Surely before the whole New Years fiasco, probably a while before that too.

We kiss so amazingly together, and of course then I crave his body inside of mine.  But that lasts, if I am lucky, all of 4 minutes.  If we kiss less to start, maybe he can go 8, if we kiss more, it is more like 2 of course I leave his bed unfulfilled.  Sometimes I come home and have to finish myself.

I love that he finds me so attractive that he can't resist - and can't last.  It is kind of sexy in a way, knowing I have that power over someone.  His recovery time is like 24-48 it isn't like his short performance will lead to more intense or lengthy sex once he is ready to go again.

But sometimes I need more.  OK, who am I kidding, I need more, a lot more.

I know when I am so turned on, I should move his fingers a little to where they'd make a bigger difference - but instead, once I get to that almost point...I end up just pretending to have one.  The worst part, I am not pretending well; he either thinks I have the worlds quietest orgasm or he knows but is not admitting he knows he can't get me off.

I just want to OOOOOooooohhhh! regularly again.

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  1. I would think you have had enough partners to know that the good ones will never leave their lady hanging without getting at least one orgasm, or better more. I have always followed the rule of thumb that if I cum first I finish my lady orally. I never stop until she has had at least one, but as I said more is always better! Find a man that is into you and you will not be left taking matters into your own hands dear!