Thursday, February 14, 2013

A v-day surprise

Valentine's Day has always been one of those holiday's I don't understand.  Why make a big fuss on one day for love? Why not all that love every other day?  Why should today be any different?  As a reminder that you love someone?  Ideally I'd like to celebrate my love for someone a bit more often throughout the year.

OK, so love isn't my thing; not by choice anyway.  So, maybe I don't get it.

So how did I celebrate this day today?

On Sunday ManFriend asked if I'd have dinner with him on Thursday.  He also asked if I can spend the night one night this week, something we haven't done in a long while.  Today at work was busy, I had an important meeting.  I texted ManFriend in the late afternoon to tell him I was looking forward to having dinner with him later tonight, and that I hope his morning meeting went well.  Then in the late afternoon we exchanged a few interesting texts:

ManFriend - I didn't realize today was Valentine's Day
Me - Don't worry, I didn't think you did.  It's just a Thursday
ManFriend - It's not that.  I'm boycotting.  This is a day to emasculate Men. It's a plot by the feminists
Me - Are you kidding, i think it is tied as first as the stupidest holiday.  So are we not hanging out later?
A few random texts here
Me - What do you do to boycott today?
ManFriend - Relationships.  Women are trouble.
Me - OK.  Well, I think I've been extremely great about all this.  Sorry your other women are causing you trouble.  I will stay home and have Chinese tonight.
ManFriend - What?  Why do you always jump to conclusions?
Me - You brought it up.  I didn't think you had other women....but why say it when things are a wee bit decent with us?  How do you think I felt reading that?  At some point you need to be less jaded.
ManFriend - I don't have other women.  I was taking in general.
Me - At some point you might find someone that will cause you not to think that way.  Clearly I am not that person.  Not a big deal.
ManFriend - I wasn't talking about you at all. Not one bit.

That conversation ended at 3:58.  It is now 8:33...I never heard back from him.  I enjoyed my Chinese.

Jump to your own conclusions.  Probably the same as mine.

When pre-date man texted to wish me a happy valentine's day this afternoon, we had a brief conversation that resulted in a date for Saturday night because he felt bad my evening plans were cancelled.

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