Sunday, February 24, 2013

A few of my FAVORITE things: TV Shows

It's time for another edition of my favorites...and since I've been stood up a lot this month, I've watched a lot of TV so it got me thinking about some of my favorite TV shows.

In no particular order, the shows I currently watch:

The Following - A serial killer and his followers.

The Middle - About a family and its everyday life, and the lengths parents go to for their kids.

How I Met Your Mother - About a guy on his quest to finding his wife...but before we learn about that we hear the story leading up to her and all his friends over the years.

Castle - A writer works with a police officer and helps solve crimes.

The Big Bang Theory - A few geeks and their lives.

Revolution - Life after no power and family.

NCIS - (the original) - federal agents of the Navy and them solving murders.

All time favorites (no longer currently running)

Lost - a plane crashes on an island and the survivors try to get off or figure out how to survive out there...if they are even alive.

24 - a 24 hour period of excitement watching Jack Bauer run after terrorists.

My So Called Life - An important show during my teenage years.  A show about a girl and her crush and school.

The Brady Bunch - A single parent with three children marries a single parent with three children.  About their life.  Sometimes I think of my family as a Brady Bunch family.  We do a lot of things together.

The Golden Girls - Four "old" ladies living together and their drama.

Friends - A group of friends, their life, and the coffee shop.

Ally McBeal - A woman finds herself working in the same office as the first love of her life - and all her insecurities, challenges and triumphs.

Six Feet Under - OK, I'll be honest, I missed the last season, but I was addicted before that.  A family who owns a funeral home and their drama.

Sopranos - I didn't watch the last season of this either :(  but the first seasons had me hooked.  A NJ mob boss and his families.

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