Sunday, February 5, 2012

Night Clubs aren't my friend

I went to my first night club, I even got my hand stamped.  I didn't really plan for it, but it was a friend's birthday and my sister wanted to escape her family and indulge in an adult beverage.  I head up her way still wearing my jeans and a thin sweater to be her driver.  We get there 'early' at 10:30pm - was no cover charge.  The place started filling up quickly. 

Next thing I know the lights are so dim I can barely see and the music, if you can even call those noises without words or repeating words over and over music, was really loud.  The lights were flashing and spinning.

I look around me at the other people. I was surprised to see such a mix of ages but then I looked at what the women were wearing and I realized that there really is use for those left over bridesmaids dresses, fishnet stockings and when did the mini skirt come back?  One girls skirt was so small she went up one step and I saw her panties...thank goodness she had something on underneath.  I felt very out of place, and some people were looking at me because Oh My Goodness I was wearing jeans and not showing boob; it was like I was from Mars. 

I go to the restroom and right away I notice at all 8 sinks, there were 8 women lined up at each sink/mirror in their tight little skirts applying lipstick and fixing their hair.  I felt like I was watching strippers get ready before their show.

All I kept thinking was does that really work?  Does dressing in the tight small clothes actually get men to talk to you?  What if the place was flooded with the same type of do men choose between them?  I understand that I am not the skanky type, and I could never imagine dressing like that to find a man to have a one night stand with...because there would be no way I could imagine meeting a man to start a relationship with at a place like that.

After being there for two hours my sister & I were ready to leave - actually I was ready to leave after 20 minutes but of course we weren't there for us.  As we were saying our goodbyes, I realized how hot I was and how much water I drank.  I wondered if that is why all the women had such little clothing on.

I am satisfied being a homebody and hanging out at the local neighborhood bar.

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