Saturday, February 11, 2012

My sex list

Sometimes I scare myself.  In my head I am wholesome and naive. But I've done some very questionable things...and I want to do more. I need a little corruption.

Is it bad that I wanted to add to my bucket list something like - sleep with a married man? or have sex with someone older?  Granted I accomplished both, but I didn't add them to my published list because my family reads this...and what would they think of me?  I don't care if you think I am crazy or skanky...but them I did care a little bit...until now.

I am left to making a sex list of things to try.  But I need your help.  Surprisingly when I googled Sexual Bucket List I actually had more things crossed off than I thought I would; thanks numbers 1-9.

Other things on my list will be:
  • have a true one night stand with a stranger
  • role play (I have 3/4 of an outfit)
  • have sex in a public place
  • have sex in a car
  • have sex with two men within hours of each other (I think my closest has been 24 hours)
  • anal beads? or plug?
  • have an orgasm in 5 minutes or less with sex alone
  • have my hair pulled during sex
  • have lingerie ripped because of the sexual intensity
  • have sex on a balcony at night
  • have sex standing up
  • have sex with most of my clothes on
  • have extremely quiet sex
  • have sex in an 'advanced' position
  • have sex at work (I may have done this...does it count if it was his work?)
  • buy sexy/stripper shoes and have sex wearing them
  • have erotic pictures taken of me
What am I missing?

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