Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 2012 goal rundown

Well it is February, so I have been on my 'new' lifestyle 2 full months.  It has been quite an adjustment to say the least.

As far as the money is December there was Christmas and not all of my allocations were changed properly at work.  I didn't save any money and I didn't pay off anything, but I did buy most of my holiday gifts via debit card.

In January I paid a bit more towards my credit card and my allocations were changed properly.  Unfortunately my spending habits have not disappeared and I am still buying stuff.  The great stuff I bought in January? 
  • a waterproof video/camera  $85
  • 6 more sessions for 'full bikini' laser hair removal $129
  • $16 for a new restaurant in my town
  • $49 for two people for archery lessons
  • $99 for two people to go zip lining
  • $29 for a healthy cooking class
  • $3 for 2 nook books
  • $70 worth of birthday presents for friend & her kids
  • $70 for jewelry cleaning
  • $22 for a movie
  • $130 for family cooking week
  • $300 on clothes
  • about $100+ on drinks over the weekend
  • and of course gas for the car, groceries, prescriptions, and my life coach
Clearly I have a problem.  I am hoping it is just because I have this extra comfort level now? But that is wrong...because the whole point of this is to save money and pay off my debt.

As for my living situation, it has been an adjustment. It is OK, my parents are wonderful unfortunately I am ultra moody these days one could say depressed even.  Crazy how I was on top of the world just days ago.  I have wondered a few times in the past and now again if I have slight bi-polar disorder. 

As for my love life...well, I never really thought that living with my parents would provide me the opportunity to date.  There is someone, but if I learned anything over the last two weeks is that I'll keep him around until I find someone better.

My job searching is very inconsistent. I have applied to maybe only 4 jobs in January.  Finding time to actually LOOK for jobs takes so long.  The cover letter is time consuming and sometimes I don't have that much free time.  Work is sometimes busy sometimes not, and after work goes back and forth with being around and not.  On my days off the last thing I want to do is sit in front of my computer (as you probably have noticed from my lack of posting).

So that was my January.  I'll keep you posted with my financial and 2012 goals each month.

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