Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My favorite male celebrities

People are always asking what actors I think are good-looking, and I have a hard time with this, because I can't seem to ever remember, aside from George Clooney that is.  But there are other people that at times catch my eye.  The guys listed below are consistently good-looking in my eyes - in NO particular order whatsoever.  I didn't include the guys that are good looking in one movie but then not in the next...that just gets too confusing.

George Clooney
Ah, George Clooney has been on my list since I saw One Fine Day in 1997.  He has gotten even better looking as he is aging. I really love the way a guy looks around this time of their life.

Nathan Fillion
I started to watch Castle last year, and I think he can be quite adorable and charming. An 'average' guy.

Josh Radner
I've been watching How I Met Your Mother since it started, and I think Josh Radner is cute and has a witty personality...or maybe I like Ted; I don't really know much about Josh.

Mark Walburgh
Remember Marky Mark?  I don't so much.  Mark Walburgh first stood out to me in Rockstar, but I've seen him in other movies or even a 60 minutes episode about him and - as like George - the older he gets, the better looking he gets.

Matthew McConaughey
I'm not sure what I like about Matthew...maybe it is those piercing blue eyes? The smile? I normally think of him with medium length hair (with blond in it) but when I was searching for pictures to post - I found a few pictures with short hair..and at first I didn't even recognize him, he looks way more serious...but still good looking.

long hair

short hair

Richard Gere
Another 'classic'.  Richard Gere has a great smile and squinty eyes.

Hugh Grant
An unlikely choice...but when you see a good picture of Hugh, can you really say that he isn't somewhat cute?  Maybe in a class clown kind of way, but sometimes his looks combined with that accent is enough to make me say aahh.

Harrison Ford
When I think of Harrison, I think of a stereotypical American Man.  Man is the key word there - he seems like the kind of guy that would do all that hard house/yard work, have great sex, and hug you until you popped.  I think Harrison is very good looking, he has nice skin color, nice eyebrows, a good nose.  Good features and strong  name.

Michael Weatherly
NCIS is more fun after this guy grows on you.  He has a great smile, nice eyes, and seems so easy-going and relaxed.

John Stamos
Had a crush on him watching Full House - and he hasn't changed much since!  Great dark hair, nice eyebrows.

Matthew Fox
First time I saw him was on Party of Five.  Then there were a few other things - but LOST made it more clear that Matthew Fox is a hottie.  Love either his rugged look or his clean cut look.

Chris Noth
Big brown hair, thick eyebrows, dark eyes, sexy sly smile.
(star sighting:  2/19/2014...he looked much older in person, but still attractive)
(star sighting:  2/25/2014...he looked a little younger this week, still attractive)
Dennis Quaid
I kept going back and forth adding him.  But he is a cute everyday man. 

So what do all these guys have in common?   Who are some of your celebrity favorites?
...and yes, Brad Pitt is missing. I've never had a thing for him.


  1. Brad Pitt didn't make the list?? I think he will always be my fave.

  2. I'm totally with you on Matthew m him!! My favs are also rob Lowe, mark ruffalo, and of course Bon jovi :)