Friday, February 27, 2015

dating ADD

I am not enjoying the online dating thing too much.  Because I haven't 'settled' people call me picky. I am not being picky, I am open to date a variety of people.  I go on more than one date to feel people out.   I try.  They lose interest before I do most of the time. If I met a person who seems OK, I keep going with it...probably why I was in relationships with other people longer than I should have been.  My recent experience in dating has been that the men are being more picky.  Most are claiming for a relationship...but really aren't 'ready' for one.  They think you are great, but are waiting for something better to come along.

The last guy I went out with, when I went to use the bathroom and came back, he was looking at his potential matches.  Really?  You couldn't wait until the date was over? It wasn't even our first date, it was like date #6.  That date he even wanted to make plans for something days/weeks away.  But...after the following day, I never heard back from him.  Maybe it was because I said I believed in aliens.

Another gentleman I was chatting with via email all day today blocked me by the time I got home.  I was a little surprised, I logged on to give him my phone number as he gave me his just hours earlier.  We were having a great conversation, asking some basic but hard questions...what made him block me? That I wished him luck on his date this weekend?  Said that I'd rather meet in person than continue to email all the time?   That I admired his work history and where he got?  But at least he didn't drag it out like men before him.

My subscription ends next week or the week after...I am not sure I am going to extend it.  The guys out here are slightly better than the men I met in NY, but I am still under impressed.

Why do so many people who are attempting to date have ADD? What is so hard about giving people an actual shot and being in the here and now?

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