Monday, February 2, 2015

last minute getaway

I was chatting with my parents when they were en-route to Florida; that sounded like a nice getaway. I haven't been a way for a while since I gave up the chance to go home for the Christmas holiday for an interview.  As it turned out, when the job called and selected me as their top candidate I had a feeling I wouldn't be taking a day off for a I I called my family friends down in Florida and invited myself down there for a few days and booked a ticket for that night.  I was able to spend time with my parents and them and it was really just so relaxing and wonderful.  I felt the stress melt away.  The palm trees made me happier.  It was sunny and 74 degrees.  It was the perfect getaway.

I told my parents and friends about the job and it being 95% a sure thing.  We still needed to meet to discuss the salary and benefits, but provided I accept it...I'd be starting work soon.  They were thrilled.  Things are starting to fall into place.

My first day we walked 5th Avenue in downtown Naples, I went to a fancy dinner at the Ritz Carlton with a former co-worker, my former ED, and the Presidential Team who happened to be in town for a retreat.  I was so happy I was able to see my friend and also catch up with the executives - it is always good to maintain those connections.  The following day we drove to Captiva and had lunch in the Bubble Room and did a little window shopping in Sanibel (I did this last year when I was there too), the day after was an afternoon trip to Naples Pier, sitting on the beach for 15 minutes, a sight seeing sunset cruise and a dinner we waited 50 minutes to be sat at (they quoted a 15 minute wait time!).  My last day we had breakfast at the club house, toured open houses or model houses, and catching rays from the sun by the pool.  Then it was time for the sad goodbyes.

Booking the trip last minute was a little pricey...but I saved money not needing a hotel or rental car and really, seeing my parents was worth it.

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