Tuesday, February 10, 2015

accepting the job

I met with the man in charge to discuss salary and benefits of the potential job.  I knew they could not met my salary requirements, they mentioned that two weeks ago, but I was hopeful they would come back with something that wasn't horrible.  And it seemed completely genuine, them not having enough money.  I looked through their 990 and I know they were extremely pleased with my work history and my potential from them, I know they were new to the whole hiring thing...and they wanted to give as much as they could so I would say yes.

They wanted to give me two weeks vacation....I got three.  The salary was in the range I expected it to be based on conversations...but the kicker is, that the health benefits are deducted from that salary...not in addition.  That means when I select my health insurance, I have to factor the cost of the insurance against what I think I'd use vs. if it is better for me to have as salary.  I can't go for the $400 monthly premium and will end up with a $200-250 premium with a high deductible.  Also, there is no company match/contribution into a retirement plan.

It seems that my employment choices over the last three years keep going down...not up.  I keep losing money or benefits as the job changes...but on the positive side, the jobs have/will be great learning experiences.

So, while I am nervous financially about my future, I am very excited to be starting this particular job.  The title is great, the work sounds interesting...and it holds a lot of potential for molding and fixing, which I am really looking forward to.

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