Sunday, February 1, 2015

2014 Fantasy Football Rundown

After a very successful first year of fantasy football, I was hesitant to embrace it this year - would it be as fun and exciting?

I asked Mountain Man if he wanted to play his own team in our league, continue to assist me or perhaps he didn't want to be involved at all.  He said he'd assist.

This year, our league grew from a ten team to a twelve team...which made the draft even more difficult with the better players being picked by more people, lessening your chance of getting more top players.

An hour or so before the draft, I find out I was #8.  I did research like last year, but it wasn't enough.  Add on top of that that our commissioner changed our pick time from 2 minutes to 1 minute...not bad if you know who you want...but when your list dwindles down to no one...and you need to compare people, there just wasn't time.

This was my draft selection...
  • Drew Brees (he wasn't supposed to be my first pick, but autopilot was picking QBs for those that didn't make the live draft, and I wanted to be sure I secured him)
  • Giovani Bernard (had him last year)
  • Vernon Davis
  • Antonio Brown (had him last year)
  • Ben Tate
  • Cordarrelle Patterson
  • Rams (OK, so I picked my defense team a little early)
  • Trent Richardson
  • Martellus Bennett
  • Eric Decker (I really didn't want a Giant or Jet...but was best choice at the time)
  • Ryan Tannehill
  • Johnathan Grimes (I had no idea who he was...if only I paid attention to pregames and news and went with Denver's Brandin Cooks!!)
  • Saints 
  • Dan Bailey (had him last year)
  • Benny Cunningham (I had no idea who he was either)
  • Dan Carpenter (this was a mistake...I had people in my queue but they were all taken, I forgot to remove him when I picked up Bailey, and I ran out of time and autopilot picked him up for me at 60 seconds)
Over the course of the season this was the progression:
  • Drew Brees
  • Giovani Bernard
  • Vernon Davis dropped for:
    • Delanie Walker (week 13)
  • Antonio Brown
  • Ben Tate dropped for:
    • Jonas Gray (week 12)
    • Doug Martin (week 14)
    • Charles Johnson (week 15)
  • Cordarrelle Patterson dropped for:
    • Brian Quick (week 6) and only brought in 1 point...week 8/9 injury out of season.
    • Lorenzo Taliaferro (week 9)
    • Vikings (week 11)
    • Rams (week 13 - and they brought in 34 points! Best pick yet!)
  • Rams dropped for:
    • Dolphins (week 3; they were my 3rd choice) dropped for:
    • Eddie Royal (week 5)
    • DeAngelo Williams (week 8)
    • Adrian Peterson (week 14) didn't play him, was hoping maybe his appeal would be overturned
    • Latavius Murray (week 15)
  • Trent Richardson
  • Martellus Bennett
  • Eric Decker
  • Ryan Tannehill dropped for:
    • Kirk Cousins (week 3) never played him
    • Carson Palmer (week 8)
    • Percy Harvin (week 11)
  • Johnathan Grimes dropped for:
    • James Starks (week 2) never played him
    • Jerick McKinnon (week 2 - ZERO points) 
    • Knile Davis (week 3)
    • Tre Mason (week 7)
  • Saints dropped for:
    • Bills (week 2 - but didn't play them and they did well)
  • Dan Bailey
  • Benny Cunningham dropped for:
    • Malcom Floyd (week 1)
    • Brandon LaFell (week 9)
  • Dan Carpenter dropped for:
    • Brian Hartline (week 1) 
    • Dwayne Bowe (week 2)
    • Browns (week 7) never played them
    • Matt Prater (week 10) played only to cover bye week
    • Kyle Orton (week 12) never played him.
How I did:
  • Week 1 - I was projected to win, but I lost by 7 points.  I had to make my nephew mint chocolate cake.  It was a fun project trying to figure out how to make baked goods and ship them over to him, in tact and still yummy.
  • Week 2 - I was projected to lose by 9, instead I won by 5
  • Week 3 - I was projected to win by 3.  Up for bets this week was me taking my niece shoe shopping or her drawing me a picture.  I won by 24.
  • Week 4 - I was projected to lose by 6, I won by 32.
  • Week 5 - I was projected to lose by 6, I lost by 9. 
  • Week 6 - I was projected to lose by 20, I won by 15.
  • Week 7 - I was projected to win by 21, I won by 1...with a TOTAL points of only 63.  It was a weak week.
  • Week 8 - I was projected to lose by 17, I won by 17.
  • Week 9 - I was projected to win by 10, I won by 3, with a total of only 76 points.  It was a nail bitter game on Monday. 
  • Week 10 - I was projected to lose by 19, I lost by 90. 
  • Week 11 - I was projected to lose by 2, I lost by 31.
  • Week 12 - I was projected to win by 15, I won by 22.
  • Week 13 - I was projected to win by 10, I won by 62....and secured the first place seed in my division and second in the league with 9 wins, 4 loses, a PF of 1254 and a PA of 1210.
  • Week 14 - my bye week.  Ended up with 91 points, not too bad.
  • Week 15 - projected to win by 1, I won by 8, with a final score of 87....which puts me in the championship game!
  • Week 16 - I am playing a team that only lost 2 games this talk about intimidating. I was projected to win by 30 points.  My defense (I played the Bills) and my quarterback (Brees) completely under-performed by a total of 30 points, add in my other under-performers and it wasn't looking good.  I ended with only 66 points (projected was 112) My opponent had two players on Monday, so a 13 point lead with a quarterback and wide receiver left to play is not a good feeling.  I hoped that his quarterback, who was missing practice with the flu and his injured wide receiver would under perform.  The game was going great for me, at half time, between the two players, they only had 1 point!  I still had a chance!  Then within a few minutes of quarter three, it was over.  A touchdown involving both those players...and the points continued to increase.  I ended up losing by 20 points.
What a great year though.  Sure, I won last year and it was thrilling but this year I got so far and it was such a challenge.  My roster wasn't as loaded with good players as the year before and I still did well. I am proud of myself and happy that Mountain Man still advised me on players/teams...but also realized he is more of a fluke in the guy did well one game, must pick him up and then he doesn't come close to scoring that well again...for weeks.  I will have to remember that for next year.

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