Sunday, February 15, 2015

what did I get myself into?

Surprisingly I was not too nervous for my first day of work.  Maybe reality didn't hit that I'd be working again.  The traffic getting to work was bad, about 50 minutes to go 20 miles; glad I got a book on tape from the library!

When I walked in, the lady I am replacing gave me a huge hug.  She is ready for retirement and was so glad that they found someone to replace her.  I'd be training with her for a week.  

She took me around to the 4 offices + 3 other areas, a nice amount of space for such a small organization.  But oh my....there were papers, stuff, supplies, etc EVERYWHERE.  I knew they mentioned document management needing to be a project, but I was not prepared to see a work hoarder.  Then we sit down and go over some things in the computer.  The 'database' that they paid someone to do, was a simple excel spreadsheet that only captures demographic information and a few other pieces of information.  Next she shows me some of her clip boards of things to do, sign up sheets, etc.  She must have sixty clipboards.  I was mentally exhausted after the first three hours of wondering what did I get myself into?  There is so much work to fix.  I am not getting paid enough.  What would I do first?  Oh my.  

In the afternoon I signed some papers to get computer access, access to the financial application and an email.  The ID badge and parking would be for later this week.

We didn't stop for lunch. I only took one bathroom break.  It was a long day. A day of really, just an overview.  I still have so much to to learn/understand/grasp the timeline.  I wasn't nervous about the starting of work, so much as...will I succeed in this job?  And I am hoping the board understands that these projects will take time.

But as much paper, crap and stuff there was everywhere...I still am excited about it.  The job is right up  my alley.

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