Thursday, February 5, 2015

the booty text

The guy texted me asking me to come over so I can take advantage of him.  A clear booty call.  Question I do it or not?  In the 'for' column I have...well, at least it wouldn't be a one night stand and maybe I'll get a better read on him.  In the 'bad idea' column is that it is clearly a booty call.
I went for it.  I know, shame on me.  But I really hate the idea of 'wasting' a number on a guy for sex just once.  And I have a few guys back home that I'd sleep with on occasion/when the need arose, so it might not be a bad thing to have a guy out here for that purpose.

The decorative bed pillows were prepped (off the bed), the three candles lit, and the ceiling fan on.  I commented on the fan being on and he said it was because I was so hot the last time.  If nothing else, he remembered that and was fairly considerate when it came to my comfort.

The sex was fast.  I didn't realize he came though; I have such a hard time with that sometimes.  Why are guys so quiet?  I certainly don't feel anything; am I supposed to?  He took out his little toy and attempted to please me.

I hung around and we chatted about nothing interesting. Got dressed, he put on a movie and then half way through kicked me out because he was tired.  At the door he asked me to follow up with him about the job, and I was surprised and asked if he really wanted to know or was just being polite.  He claimed to want to know.  I made a snide remark about not seeing each other for another 2-3 weeks and he seemed surprised that is how long it was since the last time.  Maybe he is just genuinely clueless.

I left not feeling used or dirty or gross, I knew what I was getting when I accepted the invitation, but rather I felt disconnected and I don't care.  Sure, I want a relationship...but this is not it. Maybe there will be more casual sex or maybe it will evolve.  Maybe he'll go out with other people and realize I am the lesser evil and want to date - but by then it will be too late because I won't be second pick yet again.

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