Sunday, March 1, 2015

feeling a little off

I feel a little blue today.  Is it because I told online guy #3 that my biggest dating pet peeve is that the person ignores the other instead of just saying they aren't interested? Then I wished him luck and said it was interesting.  Or is it that guy#3.1 (didn't meet him) blocked me after he spent an hour looking at my profile (he admitted to that), and then emailing me 4 times in one day.  What, one wrong answer and you get blocked?  WTF.  I get we need to have basic needs met, have basic commonalities, etc, but did you really give it a go? If there was an answer you didn't like or understand, why not just ask about it?

Or maybe it is because it is snowing again.  Where has the sun been for the last two days?  That is probably it, I've become accustomed to sun, that no sun and my seasonal depression is escalated.

Or is it work?

Or actually, I think, if I got a period, I would have gotten one yesterday, which means I am probably just emotional because of those hormones.

Who knows, I've been 'good' for a few months, so it is normal to have an off day.

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