Tuesday, March 3, 2015

comes at a price

I am at my first meeting with my new group and they've all been so welcoming and nice.  So many people have said they've heard wonderful things about me and all about the changes already...and I am thinking...I've only been there like a month.  If they are impressed now, just wait.

But all this great stuff they want / see will come at a price.  My salary is drastically lower than where it should be.  And I made it clear to the chair and the treasurer when they said something about me being around for many years or about my progress in finding a place to live...that being at this position is not conducive to my future, aside from experience, there are no benefits.  I think this time, they understood....if they don't find a way to come up with more money within a few months, I very well can leave.

Who knows, maybe I'll get fired next week for opening my mouth.  No one else is going to fight for me in this life, I have to do it.  And I need to be better about standing up for myself and not let people take advantage of me.  So no matter what happens, I won't have any regrets.

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