Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Netflix recommended TiMER to me.  A movie where people have the option of wearing this timer that counts down the time until they find true love.

Oona, who is only 29, has a blank timer, not counting because her mate does not yet have a timer or because she doesn't have a soul mate.  Her stepsister's timer says she'll meet her true love around 45 while younger brother who is in the 9th grade finds his within days.

A question to consider, if your timer began to count down, do you still continue to date or see other people when you know they aren't the one?  Instead of having meaningful relationships, will people just having fun, will they fall for people before or have their timer removed?

I've felt like Oona for the last few years.  When will I meet my man?  Reassurance is something we crave and wouldn't it be kind of wonderful to know that the possibility is there and have that to look forward to?

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