Saturday, March 29, 2014

Review: Google Chromecast

Over the last few months I've streamed some TV shows from Netflix.  I was getting tired of watching on my iPad so I purchased the Google Chromecast.

The set up was very easy, I simply plugged it into the HDMI port and a power source then downloaded the Chromecast application.  It took a few minutes for the software to download...then it was ready.

Unfortunately I got an error message about the Chromecast not finding my internet, so I turned everything off and went to bed.  The next day, I turned it on and it worked, so it must've needed to reset or something.

The following day I watched the first thing I streamed from Netflix onto my TV.  It took a few moments to show up on the TV and at times the quality of the picture seemed a little blurry but then would correct.  Watching episodes back to back was not as easy as watching from the iPad when it would run continuously, I had to click on the next episode and then it had to load.  Also, I have the lowest speed internet at home, so watching something on the Chromecast and doing something online on the computer or iPad is very difficult when one or both keep freezing...but this may not be a problem if you have higher speed internet.

Overall, I am very happy that I can watch things on my TV screen instead where the picture is bigger as well as having more control over the volume.

I have not tried to view anything else yet, but I think it should work just fine

For $35, I am shocked I waited so long to buy a Chromecast.

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