Monday, March 10, 2014

feeling a little funny

It's been three weeks since I started getting these weird symptoms.  I had a week 'break' and then this past week a different set of symptoms have appeared, but with the multi-day low grade fever present again.

I normally hate baths - I get so bored and antsy.  The last few days I have been taking an Epsom Salt bath and I have to say how relaxing it was, I didn't want to get out.  During my bath, I thought a little about ManFriend and his illness.  How he knew his body so well that went to the doctor when something didn't feel right, but getting the news there was nothing to do, a 3 month deadline on life.

My mind started to wander, as it normally does, and I started to think that would I want to know if I was very ill or how much time I had left?  Should I be concerned with my strange symptoms?  And right now, with where I am in my life, I wouldn't.  I probably wouldn't go to the doctor right away, I probably wouldn't fight to live a little bit longer...for what?  However, I understand why so many people do, those people with families and loved one, of course they'd want to spend all the time with them as possible.

December, January and the beginning of March were very stressful months for me.  It is very possible that stress is the reason for how I've been feeling lately.  I suppose only time will tell if that is the reason or not. I've written down my health issues, just in case it gets to the point where I speak to a doctor, but I am not too worried yet, our bodies are generally really good about fighting things off.  We'll see what the next few weeks hold and if I have to keep wasting a few weekends not leaving the house and just be it.  But at this time, I am not worried about it being anything 'major' at all.

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