Friday, March 7, 2014


Growing up we ordered Chinese food when we rented a movie or had family game night. It was a fun monthly or bimonthly event that I remember fondly.

But eating the delicious Chinese food wasn't enough for me.  I was determined to use those two little sticks they included in our bag.  My family didn't want to use chopsticks and instead ate with a fork.  It took a while before I was able to really get the hang of it, but eventually I was able to pick up a grain of rice without a problem.

This paid off when I went on a class trip to China in was it 2003?. I was shocked that my classmates, for the most part, were struggling with chopsticks and asked for a fork. I was so embarrassed.

But with sushi being as popular as it is these days, people are becoming surprisingly proficient in their use of chopsticks. Why is that?  Why does sushi trump Chinese when it comes to people learning how to use chopsticks?  Is it just because the sushi pieces are larger and easier to pickup?  Well, people PRACTICE and small pieces of Chinese food will be just as easy to pick up.

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