Thursday, March 6, 2014

exchange of fulfilments

So, one good thing about drinking a whole bottle of sparking wine yourself, is that you start to think and then get pissed off.

I texted Cop#1 that because he didn't like what I had to say on Monday (he offered to set me up with his cousin a few weeks ago....and I said that since I don't plan to stay here a long time I decided I wanted a purely sexual relationship instead of dating) that I no longer wanted to see him.  This whole thing has needed to end years ago, and well, I've just been addicted to the occasional sex.   Since he was the first guy I had sex with more than once, we do it similar, and it is really really great.  After a while when ManFriend or Mountain Man would disappoint me, or I got tired of OK sex, I'd call on Cop#1 for a really great bang.  And he always delivered.  I was so fulfilled.

But no more.  it is an inappropriate relationship and maybe I just need to end it before the universe lets me move on.  I'll be happy to exchange those short moments of fulfillment for a long term fulfillment that another life can offer me.

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