Friday, December 14, 2012

shooting stars

The meteor shower last night was a good show.  I stay up or wake in the middle of the night throughout the year to catch glimpses of the meteor shower and lunar eclipses, but this past year has been hard - it has been raining or partly cloudy which makes for a very difficult viewing, and a disappointed Denise.

I love the stars, looking at the clear sky and its vastness makes me feel so insignificant.  Throughout the year when i see such a clear sky, I always take a moment to look up and appreciate the moment.  the stars, the moon...wondering what else is out is utterly amazing.

Last night's meteor shower turned out to be a mostly clear night with a sliver of a moon.  I have been a little under the weather this week, and I was utterly exhausted last night.  When I got home at 9:30 I looked up and saw a huge bright shooting star...I couldn't go in yet, so I laid on the patio in my work clothes and thin coat.  I stayed like that for 20 minutes, practically freezing so I reluctantly went inside.  

I figured it wasn't the peak time until 11 - 2, so I'd wait an hour and try again.  It was so hard to stay awake, but I managed. I ended up putting snow pants on, a sweater, my coat, winter boots, gloves, a scarf and I went back outside to lay on the patio.  I started to think  -this is what all the homeless people do every night, except of course, I was in a private area, not having to worry about people walking past or stepping on me.  As I am looking up at the dark sky and see another shooting star my first thought was how fortunate I was that I am not homeless and I am lucky enough to have a roof over my head.  There are so many small things to be grateful for each and everyday, and while I worry about things, in the grand scheme I have to remember it will all pass.

My first real wish was for my friend who just told me some very sad news.  My second - tenth wish was for me to meet my future husband soon...very soon.  

I started playing this game, if I see a shooting star in the next 3 minutes, that means I will meet my future husband within the month.  If the next shooting star is bright, that means that I'll meet my future husband within 2 weeks.  every time I almost started to loose hope, zooomm a star shoots by.  

I would have loved to stay outside even longer to enjoy the show, especially after I dressed properly for the occasion this time around.  But I was so congested that I was barely able to breathe so I went inside about 11:45.

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