Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Years Plans 2012

I am off New Years Eve day, so I am going to do what I do every NYE day, see a matinee, run errands but instead of getting Chinese food for dinner and going to bed early, I am hanging out with ManFriend in the evening.  Which is ideal for me because I am still keeping a low profile and staying in...but get to kiss someone at midnight.

Since ManFriend revealed that happy bit the other night, I wanted to make our New Years a nice fun evening.  Show him I care.  Last year we invited a neighbor over, got drunk, chatted about everything & resolutions and kicked out the neighbor at 11:30 so we can make out - again.

This year, I am going to order a bunch of sushi and bring over 4 bottles of wine.  I expect we'll drink about 3 of them.  And hopefully we'll have as much fun sexually as we did last year.

My goal is to get him nice and chatty after 3 drinks and talk a little bit about us - what he thinks being part of a couple means, what he expects, how often he would like to see me, things like that.  I don't think other people have these chats about defining boundaries in relationships...but with ManFriend, I think it is kinda necessary.  Maybe not if we are a couple, but when things were causal  it was needed because we were rarely on the same page at the same time.  It lead to a ton of miscommunication, annoyance and confusion.  I am also a little scared because it means I am trusting someone and putting my heart on the line.  I want to be in love...but I am not 100% sure this will last, so I am hesitant.  But I just have to go along with it and see I guess. I'll never know if I don't try.

Wow, this will be the second NYE that I am kissing the same person.  I say that is progress.

Update:  Nope, ManFriend changed the plans.  We are going to a bar at the late hour or 9:30.  I hate getting old because this sounds HORRIBLE.  I am exhausted at it is 7pm, dealing with a crowded bar, drunk drivers and eating alone.

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