Friday, September 3, 2010

Reject me for the right reason

You know what I hate?  Well, one of the many things - is that when you apply for a job, which is a step below you and you receive a standard letter informing you "Unfortunately you do not meet the minimum requirements for this job".  I laugh and say to myself...No, I EXCEED them. I am not just qualified, I am over qualified.  I understand you don't want to fill a position because I have too much experience and you fear I will get bored and move around...but have a standard letter for that too. And don't be afraid to hire me if I require slightly more pay that you were willing to pay - because long term, the benefits of hiring someone smart and motivated will pay off and areas that were a struggle will diminish and the company/department may function better.  Do I even want to work for a company that can not be honest in their reason for not wanting to even met you in person? 

I also hate that you apply for a job whether below you or not, and they send you a notice stating other applicants were selected but thank you...and than that job stays open for months.  Why bother seeking resumes and getting our hopes up, for something you don't necessarily plan to fill, or that you are being too picky in your selection. 

Sure, there are times when I apply for a job even though I do not have experience in one area they are seeking, but I am a smart person, how hard can the job be? It just takes a little time and I would get the hang of it without a problem.  I do not want to do exactly what I do now in another company, I want to do something similar but different.  Instead, these companies don't even bother and are missing out on really great workers.  Yes, I am allowed to say it.  I think I am a really good worker.  Not that you can tell, since I blog at work...but I am slow these days and my job has become very routine and I work really fast...but that is why I want a new job.  One that challenges me, keeps me busy and of course pays better.  Is it really this hard to find something else?

I have been thinking about moving a lot lately, and I wonder, if it is this hard to find a job locally, how do people manage to move and find a new job?  I wonder if I should look into recruiters in cities I am considering, but I fear they will not take me seriously.  Ugh, it is frustrating.

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  1. There is no harm in looking into recruters in a new city. Don't let the fear of failing keep you from trying. There is someplace out there for everyone, you just have to keep looking.