Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 02 - Something you LOVE about yourself...or things I really like about me

I have been thinking about what I love about myself for about a week.  I keep sitting here, wanting to blog, but I am stumped. I wanted to skip this, but that defeats the purpose.  Is that horrible? I like a lot of things about me, but what is worthy of me writing and telling you all what I LOVE about me.  In fact, this is proving to be so difficult, that I might decide to do a larger list for my 'homework' with my life coach.  I think knowing positive things about you helps you become more secure in who you are (which is one of my goals for my 30s).

So, until then, I need to move on.  So you will have to settle for 31 things that I like a lot about me (in no particular order):

I am:
  1. opinionated but open minded
  2. honest
  3. sensitive
  4. sweet
  5. caring
  6. understanding
  7. a bit of a romantic
  8. thoughtful
  9. organized
  10. analytical
  11. a morning person
  12. willing to try new foods
  13. able to tan easily (no fake baking here)
  14. slightly interested in a lot of different things
  15. always willing to learn
  16. able to give my love to someone worthy of it
  17. close to my family, and love it most of the time
  18. a fantastic aunt
  19. conscious of money and try not to spend more than I have to
  20. able to support myself (even if it is on the low end!)
  21. loyal
  22. smart
  23. a leader
  24. proud of my straight teeth (thanks to braces)
  25. resourceful
  26. traditional
  27. laid back
  28. OK with my curvy body (not saying it doesn't need a little refining)
  29. comfortable touring an area alone, or traveling alone (not to beach like area) to explore new places
  30. an avid reader
  31. interested in helping others

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