Sunday, September 12, 2010

I have a car

Well, I found a decent car.  I picked it up Friday evening and used it yesterday.  My new car also came with two SPIDERS.  One was inside the car the other outside.  I am scared of spiders so this was not a pleasant surprise.  I found them after scrapbooking Friday night around midnight and my sisters had to look for them but didn't locate them.  But when I arrived home, they were still there.  I hope they found a better home in someone else's car.

Anyway, back to the car; it runs well.  It gets me from A to B (which is the most important) even though it is tan.  My mom thinks I should name the car Freedom since it will give me a little more ability to go out and about when I need to.  I am not going to name my car.  Does your car have a name? I think I did name my first two cars, but I am over that ~ perhaps it has to do with my serious mood these days.  No doubt I will use the car a bit more than I have in the past, however, I think for the most part my routine will stay 90% the same.  I will still walk to the train and I will still be a homebody, but I am sure I will go out midweek a tad bit more than I have been.


  1. I had an annoying yellow car I called "The Todd" after the guy on scrubs.

    I still haven't named my current car. It just doesn't seem to have the personality of the todd.

  2. My car is named Ashley... because she has a big butt and a lot of attitude.

    I had spiders living in my car for a while, I could tell because they made webs across my dash and there would be new ones every time I got in the car. It eventually left. I kept my windows open at night so it could leave without me having to actively chase it out. I figured it would get tired of me wrecking it's home every day and move on to greener pastures.

  3. My car is the "Black Misery" for obvious reasons :)

    I think the car will be awesome. Freedom, yes! Plus if you ever wanna randomly do something, you can. No making calls, and arranging schedules with the folks. If you're stressed you can "go for a drive" or just randomly go to Jersey, or Philly, or wherever you want to. You can make airport pick ups!! *hint hint* In case I get enough money for another visit!! :)