Friday, February 14, 2014

vday reruns

Unfortunately no matter what you do, you can't escape knowing today is Valentine's Day.  For couples, its not a big deal, you do the card, maybe flowers or a special meal or a special gift; you are re-declaring your love for each other...or just going through the motions and obligations.

For singles, it is just another day.

I am not the kind of single to out out and pick up men and have one night stands.  So for me, this day, is a typical Friday.  Which, sadly, tonight, is to work on a puzzle, finish my book, and blog.  Oh, but I threw in over-eating just for fun.  While I work on the puzzle and eat, it is nice to have on something in the background, so I flip on the TV.  Just like last night, tonight, so many of the syndicated shows are all about Valentine's Day.  They just keep playing the valentine's day shows in season order.  I don't know why because those of us that are watching tv are those that are single, alone and/or depressed.  Watching all these shows isn't helping pretend today is just another day.

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