Sunday, February 9, 2014

a child isn't the answer

Would having a baby make me a little happier?  

My parents offered me the option, should I want to get pregnant, they would help me with childcare while I was at work.  My parents know I would make a fantastic mother and they accept that I may not find a man to share that experience with.  They also realize how old I am getting, my window for having a baby is drastically reducing.  What a wonderful thing, to have such supportive parents.

While I have longed for a family, I can't say that the thought of being pregnant alone is appealing to me nor is having a baby for the first three years.  I figured if I was alone, I would adopt.  

But, that isn't enough.  Sure, childcare is helpful, but where would I put the kid?  I have a small apartment that has been on the market for 10 months. The reality is that I can't afford a child right now ... or really the accommodations that I would need.  

So, while my parents offer is so kind, I am declining it.  Having a child right now isn't the answer, even though I am sure my life would seem more fulfilled.

Let's just hope this apartment sells soon...I think once it does, I can think about my future a little more and put some things into action. 

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