Monday, October 1, 2012

This is the month of the fh?

So, this is the month I am supposed to meet my future husband...or so I convinced myself.  I know my time is coming, it has to be.  I feel great, I am optimistic about life, I am all around doing really well - I am ready.  But I am also not going out of my way to change anything - fate will happen when it happens.  But as it happened, the first 2 1/2 weeks of my September are insanely busy.  Things just started to fall into place - which might give me more opportunities than normal to get out and meet people.

The last reading said that I will meet my fh when I am with someone with the initial D and might be with another 1-2 people, there is an A around too.  This man in a suit will approach me.

So, here it goes, my September:

Saturday September 1:  I went for an eyebrow wax, did some house chores, and went to a BBQ birthday/pool party.  I didn't meet anyone new.

Sunday September 2:  Did I leave the house?  Can't meet anyone at home.  Oh wait, I did go out to get a delicious chicken & vegetable pizza - I think my new favorite. 

Monday September 3:  I did a little shopping and went to a movie.  There were some Dads there...but no one spoke to me.

Tuesday September 4:  I looked nice, grey pants, nice white fluffy shirt, black jacket, heels at work, flats for after.  During work at 3pm I had an off site meeting with the place I am arranging dinner next week.  I went with my boss, whose initial is D.   I didn't realize it until 2:30, that today was going to be the day, because when I realized my contact name at this place, Annie - I figured it had to be it!  I was excited...but no, I didn't meet anyone except for Annie.   After work, my co-worker and I went to an Italian restaurant for dinner and off to see War Horse.  No future husband tonight, but my co-worker is fantastic and I am really happy I met her.

Wednesday September 5:  After work I knew I was going to meet a girl, whose name starts with D, her mother and my mother for dinner.  I had on a nice vivid blue shirt.  Was tonight the night?  It wasn't...but that is OK, I am not sure I want to meet my future husband when my mom is right there.

Thursday September 6:  I looked great today, a nice fitting grey skirt and black top...but I knew that my evening plans that involved someone with the first name D...would not result in meeting my husband today:  I had three ladies over for bookclub. It was a fun and late night.

Friday September 7:  In the morning I cancelled my online dating site membership.  Even though it was wear jeans to work day - I went for a nice navy skirt & top since who knows how much longer it will be seasonable.  I finally got back ManFriend regarding drinks, but he had plans I picked up two movies.  Would this be my last Friday night at home alone?

Saturday September 8:  What a rainy day...but I took the time to straighten my hair because you never know when you will meet someone.  I had a nutritionist appointment first thing in the morning, then I ran some errands.  I was at the library when I ran into ManFriend.  A little awkward.  Then I just did things around the house until 5pm when I left for Midevil Times.  There was a large male bachelor party or birthday party there...but I didn't pay them much mind. 

Sunday September 9:  I spent the morning/afternoon cleaning, doing laundry, and other house-related stuff.  Of course there was the need to rest since I have a busy/long week ahead.  But ManFriend texted to see if I wanted to "hang out" later so I went over and was shocked when he told me he wanted me to sleep over/start spending more time with me/go away.  He seems to tell me this whenever he is drunk, so I am not sure what to make of it.  But there is some truth is drunk words - and he kept saying how lucky he was that he 'had' me. Either way I am flattered.  But is NOW the time to start dating him? I was hesitant with an answer because I was hoping to meet my fh soon. 

Monday September 10: A perfect weather day. Perfect weather makes me feel happier for two reasons 1) my mood is great and 2) perfect hair.  Great combination for a day when you are going to meet someone.  After work I met up with my life coach at Starbucks.  There was a guy there that smiled at me...but I don't know how to read smiles so I smiled quickly and got back to my purpose. 

Tuesday September 11:  Another beautiful day and I wore a nice form fitting skirt and top and threw on a jacket since it was chilly.  I had three work meetings today that I went to with my boss (D) - while I didn't anticipate today being the day of meeting my fh, I did see some new people for the first time at one of the meetings.

According to Susan Miller, "In terms of love, married or single, your very best days for love are Wednesday, September 12, and Thursday, September 13, when Venus and Uranus will combine forces in a very positive way to set off sparks of excitement" let's see what happens in the next two days.

Wednesday September 12:  I made sure I looked nice today, because today might be the day.  I ended up wearing black pants and a new purple sleeveless shirt and black jacket to work. After work I checked into the hotel (for upcoming work meetings) and met up with my friend, whose name begins with D, for dinner at an empty but cheap Thai resturant then we headed over to see the Jersey Boys.  What a great show!  There were some men there..most with a woman on their arm.  My eye did keep catching one guy - but not because he was cute or looking at me...he has no idea I exist.  But he kept preventing me from enjoying the second act of the show since he had his phone out 90% of the time and was videoing the songs and taking pictures of the play.  Where were the 'security' people the whole second half?? I almost threw my purse at him a few rows ahead, but I couldn't be sure I would hit the right person.

Thursday September 13:  This is the day I've been waiting for.  Not because of the purple above, but because since April, I knew I'd have a work meeting this day in NYC.  Granted I knew that the attendees wouldn't be the fh, but I thought maybe on my way to/at the reception dinner I'd bump into someone.  I wore one of my nice suits, my hair looked good, and overall my mood was very good.  I didn't see that Annie person I mentioned a few days ago, and only met Claude who is not my fh.  So I have to say, I was a little disappointed at the end of the day that I didn't meet anyone new.

Friday September 14:  Still a work meeting.  I sat in the reception area a good chunk of my morning and thought maybe someone would come to the company for whatever purpose and we'd make small talk...but nope.  I was exhausted by the time I got home that it was an early Friday night for me.

Saturday September 15:  Not meeting my husband today...going camping instead.

Sunday September 16: Not meeting my husband today...I was sporty and did a rope course.

Monday September 17:  No husband today. 

Tuesday September 18:  I ended up meeting up with my high school friend, Kevin for 2 hours after work - I met a few of his friends...but nope.  No husbands there.  Then went to Stamford for dinner with an ex-coworker/friend, whose name begins with J. We didn't speak to anyone else.

Wednesday September 19:  I donated blood after work then went to ManFriend's place.  No new people at the blood drive.

Again, Susan Miller says September 20th will be a great day for love/date.

Thursday September 20:  I actually had a date tonight.  My male ex-coworker wanted to set me up on a date with him right after SI and I broke up...but I ruled him out when I saw his picture because it looked like he had redish hair.  As a group we saw each other out a few times - and in August he said he'd like to get to know me. I went along with it, while he has light hair and is kinda pale - he wasn't that bad.  A better date than I've had for a while.  His name begins with H. 

Friday September 21:  I ended up having lunch with my work one there. 

Saturday September 22:  Ah, the last day of what I thought might be the potential to meet someone; a wedding.  I was surprised so many people complemented me on how awesome I looked.  But, I didn't see one single [non-related] single guy there.

Sunday September 23:  Went to a little league football game...always keeping my eye out for a single dad, but I didn't see one.

Monday September 24: No future husband today.

Tuesday September 25: I went out to dinner with my references and my mother.  We went to a pretty nice place in a nearby town that has slightly more, how do I say it...cultured people.  There was a guy that kept looking at me. I made  eye contact once, but I am not really sure how to do it. So we didn't meet/talk or anything. 

Wednesday September 26:  I've been texting the guy I went out on the date with last Thursday.  Short little texts almost daily, but so far no word on if there will be another date.  I saw my brother-in-law and he told me he wanted to set me up on a date, so I gave him the go ahead to give out my number.

Thursday September 27: I met someone new from work whose name begins with S...but he too, is not my fh. Not even close.

Friday September 28:

Saturday September 29:  I tried yoga - there were 3 men but they were all old.  As the day progressed, I received a call from a new blind date and made plans to meet up just hours later.  His initial starts with J.  He is blondish with blue eyes and a baby face.  The date was fine, he was outgoing and nice; he did everything right.  But...I don't know about him either.  Is it his looks? His job? That he seems a bit young/immature/on different page than me?  But he didn't do anything wrong, so I am not opposed to meeting up again one more time to gather more info.

Sunday September 30:  I was supposed to have a second date with the guy from the 20th, but we rescheduled. No future husband today.

OK, so my hopeful month of September of finding my future husband wasn't.  But, that means I am only getting closer to meeting him. 


  1. Have you ever considered the fact that you are energetically PUSHING AWAY your FH?
    You don't start out asking " do I want to marry this person". Start out by asking " do I even like this person"? This will increase your friend base, number one, and it will help you make better decisions about who you might fall for. Stop with the shallow assessment of how people look. Not meaning to be mean here, it's just that the best way to not be judged is to stop judging. You get what you give.
    One last thing. Men smell desperation and they run and you give off this desperate vibe that I know is getting in your way. This is the reason that Bank Boy is in your life. If you look honestly....if you were only 10% as desperate acting as he is its still way too much and it is driving away or keeping at bay your one true love.
    You give these parts of yourself to people who DO NOT DESERVE YOU and it doesn't leave room for new people to come into your life.

  2. You give the best parts of yourself to people who DO NOT DESERVE YOU and it doesn't leave room for new people to come into your life. You teach them it is okay to hurt you and use you.
    Honestly sweet girl, I gave this same advice to my best friend 25 years ago, and within a month she met her FH, and they are still married today with a set of twins.
    When I said this to her she looked at me like I was a bitch, right, shut up, I'm not being shallow, and at her wedding she totally gave me credit for her being married because of this advice. She married someone who was older than her ideal, and someone she would have never picked when using her old criteria. Yet he is a handsome man, got even better with age, he dotes on her and just knows how to treat her.
    Also, when you hang with a man as a friend, you get to see how he treats people before you are one of them. See what I mean?

    1. Anonymous, just wanted to let you know that your other comments did show up in my email. I am not sure why they didn't post here. Thanks for your comments, I always appreciate a reader's perspective.