Wednesday, October 3, 2012

like a bag of skittles

Looking through my closet this morning, I realized I haven't worn brown pants to work in over 6 months - and I have about 3 pairs of brown pants, so they've just been sitting there neglected.  So, today I decided to give all the black and grey bottoms a rest and wear the brown with a very thin white stripe with a thin white sweater and small brown dangly earrings.  The outfit would look really nice with the brown shoes I keep under my desk.

But nothing is that easy.  I still have to get to work.  The reason why I tend to neglect my brown pants is silly...I wear black 'commuting' shoes.  All the pairs I've had in the last 6+ years are comfortable for walking (many times I walk about a mile to/from the train) but aren't sneakers.  They are a little sleek looking.  And unfortunately I've only found them in black, I wish I could find something similar in brown...I keep looking.   I hate wearing brown and black together.

So, let's begin to visualize what I looked like so far:  black sleek shoes, brown pants, white-ish top, earrings, curly hair.

On my way out the door, I thought it looked like it might downpour through the I grab my raincoat, which happens to be a fairly bright pink.

So, now I have on the black shoes, brown pants and a pink rain don't see the white-ish.

I grab my lunch and put it in my 90% of the time work bag - which is quite roomy for my lunch, wallet, a [real] decent sized book, a small umbrella, random papers, some mail, etc.  The bag is great because it does not have a zipper, making it conform to what is inside, sort of.  The problem with the bag is that it is deep purple.   I didn't have time to get a different bag and repack everything.

So out the door I went, looking like a bag of skittles.  Last month I mentioned about what not to wear...and here I was today, thinking that other people saw me on the streets probably thinking the same thing - I shouldn't be out in public looking like this! 

black, brown, pink and purple...yikes.

I'd like to say that I could learn a lesson - go shopping and buy brown shoes, a less crazy colored raincoat and a new bag.  But, I am so close to paying off the credit cards, that is it really the best thing to start buying things I don't really need?

I will try to wear brown pants when it is not raining, and maybe have a second bag nearby for easy change over for those brown days.

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