Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The kid I met up with a few days ago told me that I don't take complements well and he assumed it was because no one really complemented me before and he was shocked that a pretty girl like me laughs uncomfortably and looks away when someone says something nice.

I told him it wasn't because I never heard those nice things, but didn't elaborate further.  I know I don't take complements well anymore, I am not sure what to say other than "thank you" which apparently isn't enough. 

I think my issue with complements is because I don't know if I believe the person.  After SI, I am more guarded; I don't want to fall for a guy that tells lies and is full of shit again. 

It is really nice when people complement you, but should they do so much of it the first time we meet? I think there must be an ulterior motive - such as he wants to get laid...and I don't fall for that.

When I am in a relationship or when I've dated someone a few times, it is easier to accept complements - but for someone I just met, don't try to flatter me the whole night, it makes me uncomfortable and start to worry if that is your game.  

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