Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Girl Who Walked on Fire

I heard about this fire walking event which I wanted to do because it was on my bucket list...but it was about two hours away, and it was something 'scary' so I didn't want to go alone with all those other strangers.  September's Guy #3 said he'd go with me making it an interesting second date.

When we got there, the wooden structure was already assembled. But we were able to participate in every step after that.  First we used newspaper and stuffed crumbled pieces into the empty areas.  Then we all took turns putting oil on the paper and wood then we took newspaper torches and lit it on fire.

We had to wait two hours for the wood to burn down.  During this time we wrote our intentions card.  One side was symbolic of things we were going to walk towards [happiness, love/desire, no stress, husband/children] and the other side was symbolic of things I was walking away from [SI, insecurities, depression].  Then we put our cards into the fire and watched them burn.

Our fire walking instructor then had us walk across about 25 feet of first shells, then those brown things from trees and gravel. 

Next was stepping on Legos - which I rocked at - and a sheet of something that was sharper than nails/staples.  That part on only lasted on for a few seconds.

Then came walking 25 feet on glass. 

Finally, once all the adrenaline was running - it was time to walk on 1,000 - 2,000 degree fire for 25 feet.
So...did it hurt?  A little.  You definitely feel some heat.  The people talking pictures of me didn't really get I did it a second time.  That picture also unsuccessful.  So...I tried one last time...with a super blurry picture and a dark video (thank goodness for our instructor who took awesome pictures!).  I walked 75 feet total on hot coals.

Once I was back in the car I started to feel tingling (normal once the adrenaline wears down) and realized I had 4 blisters.  Not too bad considering.
Another check off my bucket list.

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  1. Extremely impressive, especially considering it shows what the human body can cope with given the right state of mind. However, I have to admit I cringed when I saw the picture of you on the broken glass!