Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Open up

So I told the guy from the fire walk that I didn't want to pursue dating him.  I am not very good about ending it.

Me:  You seem really nice, but I am going to pass on another date
Him: Alright, see ya.  Next time opening up a little more.
Me: Thanks for the advice.

I started laughing when I read his line.  I didn't realize people provided feedback.  Sure, sometimes I am curious why things don't work out.  And I have my reason...but if he asked me, would I have really told him?  Probably not the real reason, maybe I would have lied and said something a little less hurtful, because what is the point in insulting someone?

I know that I didn't open up with him.  For some reason, he made me feel very uncomfortable.  I've been on a few dates, and for whatever reason...the two times we got together I was extremely uncomfortable.  Not my safety or anything...it was more like he thought it was fun to continue talking about something when he noticed I was uncomfortable with it and pushing my buttons.  I knew after the first date that nothing would transpire, but he didn't do or say anything that was horrible, I thought maybe it was just nerves so I agreed to a second date, just to see.  But that second date was really just to confirm all the thoughts I had from the first date.

The quest continues.

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