Monday, September 3, 2012

what not to wear

Sometimes I spend too much time trying to figure out what to wear, a natural problem when you have a big closet stuffed with clothes...some that fit, others that do not.

After I make a selection, I always look in the mirror before I head out although I might not love what I am wearing, at least it covers some of my problem areas.

I was walking behind this lady last week. I give her credit, she looks put together: heels (I don't commute in heels!), skirt, matching top. The outfit isn't bad.  But what shocked me is that she thought she looked OK in this.  The shirt is about two sizes too small and I think the skirt length is a tad bit short for work.

As I pass this lady, I looked at her face, and she was between 50-60.
I might be more conservative, in a sad way since I am young...but I wonder why I feel like I can't wear things in public when clearly others don't have this issue.

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