Saturday, September 15, 2012

War Horse & Jersey Boys

Broadway had it's annual 50% off tickets so I decided that this year I was actually going to see a show.  I sent out a notification and I was surprised that a few of my friends actually emailed me back that they too were interested so I ended up booking two shows:  War Horse and Jersey Boys.

War Horse - Picture by Paul Kolnik
I saw War Horse first with my friend from work.  I didn't really know much about the plot except from what I was able to deduct from the title.  A few people told me that it was fantastic but sad.  I went into it preparing for the worst and told my new friend I'd probably cry and brought a bunch of tissues. I was immediately drawn into the story and was amazed at how they portray the war on a small stage and the look of the horse - was simply amazing.  Surprisingly I did not cry.

War Horse it is playing at Lincoln Center.  We sat in the last row on the side of the orchestra seats (for $78.38) and I thought the view was good...but the people all the way at the far end of the audience had a hard time seeing some of the things happening on the stage since the stage was something like a circle but half enclosed.  The 'clientle' at the Lincoln Center are people that seemed to be a lot more respectful than what you would normally see at a show.  I really enjoyed this drama - not just because of the story line, but add to that what I've mentioned about HOW they acted out the story. 

Jersey Boys - Photo from website
Next up was a musical, Jersey Boys.  It was nice to see an upbeat show after last week.  I knew some of the Four Season's songs, I grew up listening to my parent's music but I didn't know the back story. 

I found the show quite entertaining (and informative).  It was great how they were able to add a few of those one-liners in there to make us chuckle mixed in with their songs.  I thought the simple set worked well for this play because it was more the story and not the set. 

Jersey Boys is playing at the August Wilson Theater on 52nd street.  We sat in the very last row of the mezzanine ($58.38), but I have to say that we were able to see the stage really well (and again, it helped that the stage settings were simple).  My biggest complaint, and huge distraction, is the inconsiderate people that were there.  Since I sat in the last row, I had good views of the audience.  Three rows ahead, a guy decides to video every single song in the second act, and take pictures throughout.  Mind you they tell you at the beginning to turn them off or put them away and that picture/video is prohibited.  OK, so you want to take ONE picture? I'll get over it.  But seriously for an hour I have to see that bright bluish light?  It was very distracting.  I am not sure where the 'security' people were to enforce this.  A few times I saw them by the stairs watching the show but the rest of the time? 

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