Friday, September 14, 2012

Same Name

I am not sure if I can date someone with the same name as my exes.  Unfortunately they are very common names so the odds of meeting new people with those names are quite high.

I never really thought about it until about 4 years ago when, after I moved back home - that my first new friend, Michelle, was married to someone.  She re-became a huge slut and then dated/got knocked up by someone with the same name as her ex-husband. 

I remember thinking I am not sure if I could do that, especially within a matter of a few months after the breakup.  Wouldn't every time you say his name or refer to think if even just a little bit - of your ex?  That would be the last thing I wanted [especially] during that recovery period.

Names stick.  Not just exes, but even people you don't like.  I am sure many of you when considering baby names have discarded a name because you knew someone with that name. Why?  Was it because you didn't like someone with that name?  or maybe because that name reminded you of a time in your life that you would not like to revisit?   I am sure there are a few reasons for your decision.

So what would I do if this same name issue is something I'd actually have to think about?  I'd like to say that it wouldn't be a problem. But I feel like I should reserve those two names for my exes.  They will always be a part of me and I will always remember them (god help me if during my Alzheimer's I have to live with their shadows!) so I'd like to be able to say SI or Cop#1's name and someone know who I am talking about without having to say a last name or explain who they were, or come up with some horrible nickname like Cop#1.

I've been on a few dates with people with the same names but it didn't get past the first date, so it hasn't been an issue yet.  If I have to consider this same name - I will let you know what I decide.

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